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The Biochemical Technology Society is an organization in the field of applied biochemistry and biochemical technology. The Society encourages innovative engineering technologies for advancing research and education in applied molecular bio-sciences. The society was registered under Society Registration Act, 1860 of Government of India. Endo/exocytosis, Trafficking, Membrane Biology, Cell Migration, Cell-Matrix Organelle Biogenesis, Cytoskeleton Proteolysis, Cell Death, Cell Cycle, Cancer, Cell Growth/Death, Differentiation, Drug Targets, Gene Therapy, Models of Disease, Proteomics, Stem Cells, Bioenergetics, Mitochondria, Free Radicals, Redox Signaling, Ion Transport/Channels, Oxidative Stress, Cellular Metabolism, Xenobiotic Metabolism, Metabolomics, Bioenergetics, Mitochondria, Free Radicals, Redox Signalling Ion, Transport/ Channels, Oxidative Stress, Circadian Controls, Hormones, Photosynthesis, Signalling, Nitrogen fixation, Plant Disease, Transport, Plastid Systems, Cell Wall Synthesis, Phosphorylation, Protein kinases, Phosphatases, Ubiquitination, Lipid Signaling, Second Messengers, Cytokines, Receptors, Growth factors, G-Proteins, Integrins, Nitric Oxide, Enzymology, Molecular Mechanisms, Biophysics, Biomolecular Associations, Systems Biology, Chemical Biology, Structure, Proteins, Nucleic Acids, Amino acids, System Biology, Drug Design, Drug Targets, Biophysics, Chemical Biology, Biomolecules, Molecular Mechanisms, Enzymology, Lipids & Carbohydrates, Enviromental Biotechnology, Metabolic Engineering, Tissue Engineering, Biodiversity, Agro Biotechnology, Biochemical Engineering & Medical Biotechnology.

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Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh,India
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