October 1, 2017

Bylaws and Constitution


Article I

The name of the of the society shall be “Biochemical Technology Society” herein after referred to as the “BTS” an independent scientific body operating on a not-for-profit basis and not aligning with any particular political party or religion.

Article II

Office of the society

The office of the society shall be situated in the city where the Honorary Secretary resides.

Article III

Mission statement

1. To promote advanced biochemical technology in educational institutes, research organizations and industries.
2. To promote biochemical technology impact on areas of science including biotechnology, agriculture, and medicine.


To improve the state of art knowledge in the areas of applied biochemical research, advanced bio-sciences and technology.

Article IV


There shall be following class of members

1. Student Members
2. Individual Members
3. Associate Members
4. Senior Members
5. Corporate Members
6. Any other type of Members which may be decided in future as per the rules of the Society.

Student Member

A person shall be qualified to be admitted as a student member of the Society, if has shown a sustained interest in the field of applied molecular biosciences and allied areas and should be pursuing a professional Degree / Diploma in any branch of molecular biosciences, biochemical technology, Life Science, medicine and agriculture fields recognized by appropriate licensing bodies.

Individual Members

Any person shall be qualified to be admitted as a Full Member of the Society, if has shown a sustained interest in the field of applied molecular biosciences and allied areas and obtained a professional Degree / Diploma in any branch of molecular biosciences, biochemical technology, Life Science, medicine and agriculture fields recognized by appropriate licensing bodies and should be currently working in the area of molecular bio-sciences.

Associate Members

Any person, who is a student/individual and does not fulfill the criteria for Student/individual membership but has shown interest in applied molecular biosciences may apply for Associate Membership of the Society to become a Associate Member. The associate memebrs may have a professional degree in applied molecular bio-sciences but presently working in related professions such as, management, administration, editing, writing, sales, outreach and other similar positions. Scientists taking a break from their career or seeking employment are also eligible to apply for membership in this category.

Senior Members

Any person greater than 70 years and has a genuine interest in applied molecular bioscience research may apply for Senior Membership of the Society.

Corporate Members

Corporate membership can be submitted by the head of the molecular bio-science organization.

Article V:

Officers and Executive Committee
The members from among themselves shall elect the officers of the Biochemical Technology Society. They shall be –

1. President
2. Immediate Past President
3. Vice-President
4. Honorary Secretary
5. Joint secretary cum Treasurer
6. Executive Directors
7. Associate Members of the Executive Council/Executive Committee
8. Society Local Ambassadors

The above office bearers will have full power to act on all matters except to change the constitution and bylaws.

Article VI

Funds and Assets

The funds of the Society shall consists of –
1. Application Fees
2. Membership Fees
3. Proceeds of the events
4. Contributions, donations, and grants from any source
5. Income from investments
6. Gifts or legacies of immovable or movable property

Article VII


This constitution may be amended by two-third affirmative votes of the Regional officers present at the annual assembly. The proposed change has been circulated to each regional coordinator 60 days in advance of the general body meeting.


There shall be awards and prizes instituted by the Association and/or other donors.


The Association may be dissolved through a specific resolution by a three-fourths majority of the voting members present at a regular Council meeting or one called specially for the purpose after giving the Council members sufficient due notice.

Article I

Financial Year

The financial year of the Society shall be from 1st April to March 31st of the next year.

Article II


1. Admission to Membership

Persons / organizations fulfilling the constitutional membership requirements are eligible for membership. Application for admission to membership of the Society as an Individual Member or Student Member, Associate Member, Senior Member or as Corporate Member, shall ordinarily be made in writing on the prescribed form and shall be accompanied by payment of the Application fee as fixed by the Associate Members of the Executive Council, and the amount of subscription due for the category of membership. Every application must be duly filled in and signed. Completed application forms shall be delivered to the Office of the Secretary at least one month before the Annual General Assembly. Such application shall be considered by the Executive Committee who may accept or reject or deal otherwise with the same. The decision of the Executive Committee will be final. The Executive Committee shall not be bound to give reasons for its decisions. Membership in the Society shall commence from the date of acceptance by the Executive Committee.

2. Election to Honorary Membership/Life Membership

Prospective members for the honorary life membership of the Society shall be proposed by the Society Local Ambassadors of the BTS. Such proposals should be submitted in writing with the signatures of the proposers to the Secretary at least four months before the annual meeting of the Executive committee. The same will be included in the agenda of the Executive committee meeting. A two-thirds vote of those present and voting at the Executive committee meeting shall be required to elect such a member.

3. Membership Fee

All Individual, Student, Associate, Corporate and Senior Membership shall pay a membership fee of such an amount as is determined from time to time by the Executive committee and approved by the General Body meeting. The membership fee shall be as follows-

Membership Fee (Life Membership) :

Student Members – INR 5,000
Individual Members – INR 10,000
Associate Members – INR 12,000
Corporate Members – INR 50,000
Senior Members – INR 10,000

Honorary Life Membership Fee: INR 15000

Every member shall pay the prescribed fee for the lifetime irrespective of the actual date of his/her admission to or cessation of membership of the Society.

4. Cessation and Termination of Membership

The Secretary/Treasurer of the Society shall send not more than two reminders by e-mail at an interval of not more than two months and one reminder by registered post at the time of sending the second e-mail to any members whose subscription is in arrears. These reminders will be considered as adequate notices, and if the subscription is not received within two months from the date of dispatch of the last notice, the member shall cease to be a member of the Society after the Executive committee resolves to that effect. It is the responsibility of the member to notify the Office of the Society, any change in corresponding address and e-mail time to time.

Any member, who wishes to resign from the Society, can do so by giving notice in writing to the Secretary of his intention to do so and thereupon he shall cease to be a member provided all his dues to the Society are paid.

The Executive committee by a decision of two-third majority of the members present and voting may take any disciplinary action against any member on its own, or in pursuance of a notice signed by at least two members received by the Executive committee or Secretary. The membership can also be terminated by The President or The Secretary based on the written notice signed by two Executive Directors or two third majorities of The Executive Committee Members. Any person, who ceases to be a member for any reason, shall nevertheless remain liable for and shall pay to the Secretary all debts owing, including the subscription dues.

5. Re-admission to the Society

Any person, who ceases to be a member of the Society, may be re-admitted to the membership on such terms as the Executive committee may determine as per rules of the Society. Every such applicant will have to pay the specified application fee unless otherwise decided by the Executive committee.

6. Privileges of Membership

a) All Individual/Student/Associate/Senior/Corporate members shall be entitled to participate in all activities of the Society. All members will have the right to vote or nominate or to serve on the Executive committee or stand for any election except associate/student members.
b) No member will be allowed to propose or second a nomination or stand as a candidate for any election unless his dues are cleared before the last date of receipt of nomination papers. No member who is in arrear of his dues will have the right to vote until his dues are paid before the time of voting.

7. Register of Members:

A register of the members shall be kept by the Secretary in which membership in the various categories will be recorded setting down the names and addresses of the members. The same will be posted in the Society website and will also be secured with a password. For the purpose of the Society, the address and e-mail Id as mentioned in the register will be considered as the valid one. Any change in address and e-mail must be intimated to the Secretary and confirmation must be received from the Secretary that the necessary change in the register has been effected.

Article III

Terms and Functions of the Office bearers of the Society:

Terms of Office bearers:

The members of the Executive committee will be elected at the Annual General Body Meeting of the Biochemical Technology Society, which will be held annually during the National Conference of the Society. The term of the office bearers will be as follows:-

1. Immediate past president – Two year
2. President – Four year
3. Vice-President – Four year
4. Hony. Secretary – Four years
5. Jt. Secretary cum Treasurer – Four years
6. Executive Directors – Four years
7. Society Local Ambassadors – No time limit
8. Associate Members of the Executive Council – Four Year

Functions of the Office bearers:


1. Shall preside at and conduct meetings of the Society and its Executive committee and shall have a casting vote if necessary.
2. Shall supervise the general activities of the Society
3. Shall exert himself /herself to improve the finances of the Society
4. May appoint sub-committees if and when necessary with terms of references decided by the Society or the executive committee.
5. S/he shall have the right to call executive committee and general body meeting in times of emergency.
6. The President shall prepare an address to the Annual General Assembly of the Society

Vice President

Shall be the chairman of the scientific committee and be responsible for organizing the scientific programme during the annual conferences. In the absence of the President the Vice president shall perform the duties of the President. He/She will also be the returning officer.

Hony. Secretary

1. Shall call meetings of the Executive Committee whenever necessary (minimum once a year), or on a written requisition of not less than 4 members of the Executive Committee or not less than 1/3 of the required members to hold an extraordinary meeting of the General Body.
2. Shall prepare agenda for and keep a record of the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee and the General Body.
3. Shall see that decisions made by the Executive Committee are carried out by the persons concerned.
4. Shall carry out all correspondence on behalf of the Society.
5. Shall prepare and issue to all members a written report of the preceding year’s transactions to be read at the General Body Meeting held during Annual Conference of the Society.
6. Shall organize activities for the fulfillment of the aims and objectives of the Society.
7. May call for from any office bearer, any paper pertaining to the work of the Society, for inspection and necessary action.
8. Will take steps to improve the funds of the Society.
9. Shall issue notices for the meetings (postal and e mail information will be enough).
10. Will bring out a newsletter at least twice a year which will be electronically sent to all members

Jt. Secretary & Treasurer

1. Shall, in the absence of the Secretary, have the powers and rights and duties as those of the Secretary.
2. Shall assist the Secretary in day-to-day business.
3. Will arrange collection of funds necessary for maintenance of the Society and it’s activities and keep them in deposit with a bank approved by the Society.
4. Shall issue receipts for all values received for the Society.
5. Shall keep bills or vouchers and also payees receipts whenever possible for payments made by him/her and maintain a regular record of Society accounts.
6. Shall operate accounts of the Society jointly with the Secretary or the President.
7. Shall prepare and make available to the Secretary the annual statements of income and expenditure for the annual report. Also, to be responsible for getting the audit of the accounts by authorized Auditor.
8. Will be authorized to make expenses available to members for scientific, academic and administrative activities of the Society.
9. Changes of office bearers shall be notified to the bank as per banking laws.

The local Organizing Secretary of any Conference/Workshop organized under the auspices of the Society shall submit the audited account within six months of the Conference/Workshop and 50% of the savings should be deposited with IAPEN.

Executive Directors

The executive directors will be working under the guidance of the president and vice president for the development of BTS in different core areas identified in the governing body or Associate Members of the Executive Council.

Society Local Ambassadors

There will be one local ambassadors for educational institutes. The local  ambassadors should promote applied biochemical research in the organization, promote the association in all its activities.

Associate Members of the Executive Council/Executive Committee

The local ambassadors can recommend any candidate for becoming the associate members of the executive council but the approval of the Hon Secretary or vice president or president is required before accepting the recommendation.

Associate members of the executive council will be the advisory board of the BTS. Executive directors and Regional officers will have to take suggestions and advises from the associate members of the executive council and will be working under the directions given by the associate members of the executive council. The associate members of the executive council will have the right to remove any position in the society except the president, vice president, secretary and joint secretary without giving prior notice or reason, but two third majority of all the associate member of the governing body approval is mandatory.

Article IV

Elections: The Elections to the Executive Committee shall be held after every four years.

The persons who holds the post of Immediate past president at the time the election process to elect the New EC is to begin shall be the National Election Officer and she/he shall be responsible for the conduct of the Elections.

The National Election Officer shall not be eligible to contest for any post in the elections conducted by her. No member is eligible to contest for more than one post in the same election.

The Regional officers alone shall vote at the elections for electing the EC.

Elections shall be held by voting done during the Annual Council Meeting of the Fifth Year.

The EC shall have the right to change the logistics of the election process in the face of exigencies or introduce byelaws for other modes of voting like electronic voting as and when required, after the approval of the General Body.

Election Process:

1. Nomination for the Office bearers of the Executive Committee will be invited in the prescribed form three months prior to the general body meeting by the Secretary. The form must bear the signatures of nominee signifying his/her approval and of proposer and seconder. Any nominations received after the fixed dead line will be invalid. The announcement for the election, deadline for submission of nomination forms will be made available at the society website. The form should be downloaded from the website.
2. Last date for submitting the nominations will be one month before the date of the general body meeting.
3. The nominated candidates, the proposer and the seconder should be life members of the Society.
4. Withdrawal will be allowed till the time of election.
5. Election, if necessary, will be held at the general body meeting by secret ballot/E-Voting/Postal Voting.
6. If the nomination for any post is not received the name could be proposed by members from the floor at the time of the General Body meeting.
7. In any election in the event of a tie, the President shall have a casting vote in addition to the vote s/he has already exercised.
8. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, if the members cannot attend the annual body meeting, the members can nominate a person for attending the meeting and the nominated person will also have the right to vote. The nominated person should show a letter duly signed by the regional officer before voting.

Article V


1. The Annual General Body meeting will be held once in each calendar year at the time and place of the National/International Conference of The Biochemical Technology Society.

a) Notice of the time and place of such meeting shall be communicated by the Honorary Secretary to every member of the Society at least two months in advance.
b) Quorum: 50 persons shall form the quorum for a General Body Meeting
c) Adjournment: If within half an hour from the time scheduled for the General Body meeting there is no quorum the meeting shall be adjourned. The meeting can be reconvened 30 minutes later and business for which the meeting was called can be transacted.  No quorum is necessary for such an adjourned meeting. Every motion submitted to the meeting shall be decided by voting.

Chairman: In the absence of the President, the Vice President, the members of the General Body shall elect from among the members of the Society a Chairman preterm.
(d) The Agenda shall be circulated to all the members at least three weeks before the meeting.
The Agenda of the Annual General Body meeting will be:-

•    To receive and adopt the Annual Report of the Society as given by the Secretary on the activities of the Society for the preceding year.
•    To receive and adopt the Balance Sheet and Auditor’s Report for the preceding year.
•    To approve the appointment of Auditor as recommended by the Executive Committee.
•    To receive and adopt the budget for the coming year.
•    Declaration of the results of the election held. In case elections are incomplete the same may be completed as per rules and regulations.
•    To transact such other business as may be brought forward by the Executive Committee or any other business that may be permitted by the chairman of which seven days notice has been given in writing.
•    To consider any other business brought forward by or with the consent of the chairman.
•    Installation of the New Office Bearers.
2. Extraordinary General Body meeting:

Extraordinary General Body meeting may be called by the President or in his absence by the President Elect or the Vice- President upon the request of the Executive Committee or the request of 1/3 of the members of the Society. Request for such a meeting must state its objectives and must be signed by the reacquisition and be deposited with the Hon. Secretary of the Society.

•    Notice for Extra-ordinary meeting should be sent within two weeks of receipt of request.
3. Meeting of the Executive Committee:

a)    The committee will meet at least once a year and at the call of the President. The President or in his/ her absence the President Elect, shall preside at the Committee meeting and shall have a casting vote if necessary.
b)    The quorum for the Executive Committee will be one third of the total number of members.
c)    The Hony. Secretary and Jt. Secretary cum Treasurer shall summon the meeting, operate the bank account, keep the books of account and present the audited accounts in the Annual General Body Meeting of the Society.
d)    Function of the Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee shall have the following functions and powers:

•    To receive and dispose of the applications for membership and resignations.
•    To take all steps necessary for the administration of the Institutions under the control of the society and to appoint, employ, dismiss, suspend staff as also to appoint, employ or remove agents, lawyers, attorneys, architects, values for any of the purposes of the society.
•    To appoint the Regional officers.

3. To regulate and sanction an expenditure which the Committee may consider to be necessary or desirable in furthering the objectives of the society.
4. To delegate any of its powers to such persons, officers, or employees of this section as it may deem fit for the proper and smooth conduct of the section as well as to further the objectives of the society.
5. To accept donations, subscriptions, endowments for any specific purposes consistent with the objectives of the society and or accept donations, endowments, gifts earmarked for buildings, with a view to perpetuate the memory of any person or persons whose memory the donor may like to perpetuate with objectives not inconsistent with the objective of society.
6. To make bylaws and rules inconsistent with these rules.
7. To appoint sub-committees if necessary from out of the members of the section for any specific purpose and to fix the scope of activities of these sub-committees. The Secretary or the Jt. Secretary of the Committee shall be ex-office members of such sub-committees.

Article VI Chapters of the Society

The Association shall facilitate the organization of its Members into Chapters. Such Chapters shall not have a separate legal status and are organized only for the purposes of administrative convenience and efficient functioning.

The Chapters shall have its organization similar to the Association as stated under these bye-laws. The Chapters shall not have separate Bye-laws. The Chapters or Regions will be headed by the Chapter President and Chapter secretaries.

A Chapter can be formed if 50 Members residing within a geographical area apply to the Executive Committee for recognition as a chapter of the Association.

The Application should include a detailed list of the number and type of members, together with the affiliation fees. To form chapter members may be new or existing ones. In case of new members, their filled in membership forms together with their entire membership and registration fees should be submitted with the application.

The Executive Committee will rule on whether the applying group/organization satisfactorily meets the criteria for recognition as a Chapter.

If the Chapter President is not able to attend any general and/or special meeting of the Association, she may depute before the said meeting, in writing, the name of the officer/member who will substitute her as official representative at the said meeting. However, such official representative shall not exercise the voting rights.

The chapter shall appoint an auditor every year at the beginning of every year and such information shall be conveyed to the President for forwarding the same to the executive committee.

Each chapter shall help the Head Quarters in collecting all the dues from the members belonging to their chapter and shall take turns in hosting the Annual Convention of the Association. They shall also remit 25% only from the Registration fees collected during the convention to the accounts of the Headquarters.

Each chapter shall remit 50% of the membership fees collected from life members enrolled in the current calendar year to Headquarters, which in any case, shall not be less than the amount equivalent to 50% of the membership fees of Five life members and such amount shall be paid by the chapter even if it unable to enroll new Life Members.

Each Chapter shall send the updated membership list as on March 31st of every year to the HQ.

At every Annual General meeting the Secretary of each chapter should present the report of the activities of the chapter for the past one year and the treasurer should present the audited financial report for the past financial year. In the event of their inabilities to attend the A.G.M. they may nominate a member of the chapter to attend the meeting and present the reports. Each chapter shall conduct periodic academic meetings and symposiums on its own or in collaboration with other scientific organizations. It shall also endeavor to carry out other activities such as those outlined earlier.

Each chapter shall have its own Executive Committee consisting of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and at least three Executive Committee members.

There will be no elections for individual chapters for election of President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer etc. and the local ambassador of the chapter and he/she will select BTS members as President, Vice President, Joint Secretary, Treasurer etc.

The Chapters shall actively promote the participation by all their members in the activities of the Association at the National level.

Article VII

Annual Conference

1. Conference of the Society shall usually be organized at least once each year. The venue of the conference shall be decided in the General Body meeting.
2. Secretary of the Society shall notify the date, venue of the annual conference and call for papers to all the members and post the same in the website. The conference website once established will be announced through the Society website and a link provided.
3. The Vice President will be authorized to constitute a Committee to scrutinize the papers.
4. On each day of the conference the pre-lunch sessions should be devoted to Plenary lectures, Guest lectures, Symposia and Panel discussion which will be joint session. Screening of the papers for these sessions will be carried out by the committee as above. All the free paper session will be held in the afternoon. The poster session should be allotted appropriate time.
5. Each member will be allowed to present only one paper. S/he may be a joint author on the papers presented by others.
6. All the members have to register for the conference. Accepted papers will not be printed in the Scientific Programme Book unless the member has registered for the conference. Members whose papers are accepted and who default in presentation without at least 48 hours notice prior to the conference will be debarred from presenting any paper for one year. The final programme of the Conference will be uploaded on the website by the Secretary at least a month before the conference.
7. The Organizing Secretary shall be responsible for making all other arrangements for the conference, including the budget according to the procedure laid down from time to time by the Executive Committee. The Organizing Secretary shall submit an audited statement of accounts within 6 months of the completion of the conference. The expenses of the conference shall not be met normally from the finances of the Society. Fifty percent of the savings from the conference should be paid back to the Society and rest fifty percent should be made available to the local chapter of the Society for their use in furthering the aims of the Society.
8. The annual meeting of the Executive Committee and General Body shall normally be conducted at the time and place of the Annual Conference. The local Organizing Secretary shall be invited as a non-voting member of the Executive Meeting held in association with the conference.
9. The local organizing secretary will provide local hospitality to the President, President elect, Vice President, Secretary and treasurer of the society during the time of the annual conference.
10. Fifty percent of the savings from the conference should be paid back to the society and rest fifty percent should be made available to the local chapter of the society, whenever this is formed, for there use in furthering the aims of the society.

Article VIII


The Executive Committee shall appoint and fix the fee of the Auditor who shall be a Chartered Accountant.

Article IX

Nomination of Delegates for International Conferences

Official delegates to the International Conferences will be recommended by the Society on the basis of the following criteria:-
1. A member should have a minimum of three years standing in the Society
2. S/he should have attended three conferences and published at least three scientific papers in peer reviewed indexed journals during the preceding 5 years.
3. The paper for presentation should be accepted or the member has been invited by the Organizing Committee of the Conference.
4. The final selection amongst candidates fulfilling the above said conditions is left to the Executive Committee.

Article X Amendments

This constitution may be amended by a two-third affirmative votes of Regional officers present at the annual assembly, provided a copy of the proposed change has been delivered to each voting member 60 days in advance of the general body meeting. The suggested amended has to be approved by the Associate members of the executive council.

Article XI

Special Meetings

Special meetings of the Association may be convened by the Executive committee (EC) or requisitioned by at least 50 Council members for transacting specific business. The request for requisition shall be addressed to the General Secretary specifying the object for which the meeting is to be convened. On receipt of such a requisition, the EC shall cause a meeting to be convened within two months of its receipt at such time and place as may be decided by the EC. The General Secretary shall give at least three weeks notice to the members and no business, other than that notified, shall be transacted at this meeting.

Article XII

Awards and Recognitions

For the present the Association may confer the awards and recognitions instituted by the governing council. The Executive Committee in consultation with the donors will frame rules and Guidelines for giving awards and prizes. The Associate Members of the Executive Council shall be the final authority for approving the institution/Person of any prize, award or recognition by the Association. The fellow of BTS or Life Membership of BTS is a prestigious award given by the associate members of the executive council for the life time contributions to the Biochemical Technology  Socieety.

Article XIII

Journal of the Association

The name of the official journal of the Association shall be “Journal of Biochemical Technology”.

The Executive Committee shall decide on the subscription and other guidelines for the publication of the Journal, which may be changed from time to time.

The Editor-in-Chief will be appointed by the executive committee in the governing body meeting by taking suggestions from the members. The printing, sales and publication responsibilities will be given to the private publication division. The publication division can also be changed by taking approval of the executive committee members in the governing body meeting.

In consultation with the Editor-in-Chief, the EC shall form an Editorial Board, which will be responsible for the publication of the journal. The Board members shall be nominated from among the members of the Association. The term of the Editorial Board shall synchronize with that of the Executive Committee.

Article XIV

Authorized Signatories

The Association shall be represented in any Legal proceeding or before any Court / Tribunal / Authority of Law only by the President / General Secretary. In a situation where one of the above is unable to sign, the Executive Committee shall decide on an alternative signatory.

All bank accounts, deposits and other investments shall be opened, kept and made in the name of “Biochemical Technology Society”.

The bank accounts shall be operated as follows:

All cheques shall be signed only by the Treasurer acting jointly with the President or the Secretary. In a situation where one of the above is unable to sign, the Executive committee shall decide on an alternative signatory.

All Bills for amounts exceeding Rs. 50000/- (Rs. Fifty Thousands only) shall be paid only after obtaining the prior approval of the Executive Committee.

Members attending the Executive Committee (EC) meetings are entitled to the expenses for travel from residence to the meeting destination at AC 2 tier train ticket rate. The travel expenses for the National President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary (Head Quarters) and Publication Secretary shall be borne by the Head Quarters. The travel expenses for the Executive Committee members (Head Quarters) shall be borne by the Headquarters. The travel expenses of all other EC members shall be borne by their respective Chapters.

The accounts of the Association shall be consolidated with all the accounts of all the Chapters duly audited of each respective chapter. The accounts shall be circulated to all members of the Executive committee (EC) prior to the EC meeting and such accounts shall be placed before the EC for approval.

No members of the EC shall be responsible for any errors/ discrepancies arising in any audited accounts of any chapter and each Chapter president and the members of the local chapter shall be responsible for the same.

All Chapter treasurer shall furnish the accounts of the Chapter at the end of every year after approval by the executive committee to the Treasurer of the Association duly audited every year.

Title to the real property of the Association shall be vested in the Executive Committee who shall have power to sell, lease. Mortgage or otherwise deal with the same only with the prior approval of the EC.

The Executive shall hold all funds of the Association using the capital and/or income from them for the purpose for which they are held. All life membership amounts shall be invested as fixed securities and the interest utilized for Association purposes.

At the end of every convention the auditor of the local chapter shall audit the accounts of the convention and send it to President for placing the same before the EC. These audited accounts shall be independent of the regular accounts of the chapter.

Budgets shall be prepared in consultation with the secretary and Treasurer and placed before the EC for approval.

On the recommendations of the EC, the Council shall appoint the auditors.

Auditors appointed at one annual council meeting will audit all papers and books of accounts of the Association for one year and are eligible for re-appointment .

Article XV

Indemnity Members of the Association, Executive Committee and the Officers and their heirs, executors and/or administrators shall be indemnified and saved harmless out all actions, costs, losses, damages etc., resulting from execution of their duties of the Association.


The chapter shall translate the spirit of these byelaws at the Chapter level. The chapter shall hold at-least FOUR academic meeting in a Year to update its members in the field of Biochemical Technology.

The chapter shall co-operate with the BTS Executive council to ensure the smooth administration of the affairs of the Association and shall endeavor to enroll new members and shall endeavour to create an atmosphere of Study, Research and Discussion. The Chapters shall celebrate all nutrition & dietetics related important events.

Article XVI


In the event of need to wind up the Association, a special general Council meeting shall be called expressly for this purpose, that is after due notice to all the members of the Council.

Resolutions on the dissolution of the Association shall require a three-fourths majority of the votes of the members present.

In the event of dissolution of the Association, the Executive Committee shall decide the manner in which claims and liabilities are to be disposed off. The remaining assets, if any, shall be distributed to organizations or institutions with similar objectives as decided by the Executive Committee. The President of the Association shall be the liquidator.

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