October 1, 2017


The Biochemical Technology Society (BTS) aims to inspire and engage people in the applied molecular biosciences, increase the public understanding of the discipline, encourage the uptake of life science/bioengineering by post-12 students, support members with their careers and research, and influence regulatory and awarding bodies towards a challenging, exciting and relevant biology curriculum in institutions.

1. Career guidance in life science: Students can directly approach the corporate members to discuss the placement opportunities in life-science.

2. Conduction of promotional events in public like bio-science fare for students, expert lectures for faculty and advanced workshops for industries.

3. Student Grants: Eligible students can apply for grants up to USD 1000 for pursuing research in the biochemical technology field.

4. Manuscript publication services in high impact journals with the help of expert society members, editors etc.

5. Plagiarism, English, Copy Editing, Formatting and Similar Services.

6. Topic selection for PhD/PG/UG project works for high impact publication. Guidance in Mathematical/ Statistical Analysis of the Data and also guidance related to SEM, XRD or any analysis or Sequencing, Cloning etc or any further requirements for active biochemical research.


Email to biochemicaltech@gmail.com for more information.

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