October 1, 2017

Lifelong Learning

About Biochemical Technology Society

The Biochemical Technology Society is an organization in the field of applied biochemistry and biochemical technology. The Society encourages innovative engineering technologies for advancing research and education in applied molecular bio-sciences.

Lifelong Learning Initiative – Biochemical Technology Society

In order to promote lifelong learning in basic and advanced biochemical technology research and to facilitate the academic pursuits of more number of biochemical technologists, chemical, computer, mechanical, biotechnology, electrical, electronics, civil and instrumentation engineers, the biochemical technology society announces various advanced certificate courses, which are tailor-made for each discipline to meet the demands of the 21st century inter-disciplinary research targets.

The three months certificate course is offered by the Biochemical Technology Society to promote a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the concepts of molecular, cellular, and organismal behaviour and their engineering applications. The curriculum introduces basic concepts of biology and advanced application in engineering.

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  1. Applied Biology for Computer Engineers
  2. Applied Biology for Chemical Engineers
  3. Applied Biology for Electronics Engineers
  4. Applied Biology for Electrical Engineers
  5. Applied Biology for Mechanical Engineers
  6. Applied Biology for Civil Engineers

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Course Benefits:
1. Application Based Learning.
2. Advanced Biology Concepts.
3. International Publications and Interdisciplinary research.
4. No Examination – Manuscript Preparation – Journal Submission.
5. Two Months Project Work.
6. Only experts from Top 500 Universities in the world.
7. Lifelong Learning (LLL) i.e. after course, the candidates can interact with BTS Members for further development.

Certificate: The Certificate will be issued within 10 days after submitting the project report. The project report is reviewed by International Experts Nominated by Biochemical Technology Society.

Course Fee: INR 15000/- per each course.  (Course material will be posted to the postal address within 15 days from the date of receipt of payment).

Contact Us

R R Siva Kiran, Course Coordinator, Biochemical Technology Society, Komatipalli Post, Bobbili-535558, AP, India; Website: http://www.biochemicaltech.com; Email: biochemicaltech@gmail.com;
Mob: 0091 9986795754;

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